Click here for RHA 2020 Conditions of Carriage

Click here for RHA 2021 Conditions of Storage

Goods in Transit: £1,300 per tonne (unless agreed otherwise in writing);
Policy excess applies at £100 per event;

Standard payment terms: 30 days (end of month).

Delivery, Proof of Delivery & Billing

We allow 20 minutes waiting time at a delivery point before additional charges are applied.  Demurrage is charged at £20.00 per half hour or part half hour there-of.

Electronic proof of deliveries (PODs) only will be obtained, unless a paper POD is specified in advance.  PODs are available via our client portal within 48-hours of delivery.  Hard copy PODs are not provided or returned unless pre-requested.

Invoices will be provided in PDF format and sent via email, usually on a weekly basis.  Billing enquiries and queries must be submitted by email within 7-days.  Claims for any consequential losses are not accepted.

Terms & Conditions of Trading

For domestic Road Haulage, goods are carried under the latest RHA Conditions of Carriage with liability limited to £1300.00 per tonne, unless otherwise agreed in writing by us.  RHA Membership No. 004‐288

For Container operations in respect of European cross‐border transport, CMR Conditions of Carriage apply.

Initial notification of a potential transit claim must be in writing within 14 days of incident.  A completed claim form, claused proof of delivery & supporting documentation including photographs must be received within 28 days of the incident.

A minimum claim value along with a Policy Excess of £100.00 applies to all transit claims.

Payment Terms are end of month plus 30 days please, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

Alongside our transport rates a Fuel Policy mechanism will apply to work undertaken, details of which will be on our Rate Schedule.  Fuel Policy & up‐to‐date fuel prices can also be found at

Late payment shall, where applicable, be subject to interest and compensation pursuant to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, without prejudice to any other relief or remedy pursuant to terms agreed between Alan Firmin Limited and the customer.

All costs, fees and commissions incurred by Alan Firmin Ltd in the recovery of outstanding debts will be charged to and payable by the customer