The Big Cat Sanctuary were delighted to have been nominated as one our chosen charities, and we recently made a donation of £649.70 to this very worthy cause through our Pallet Pledge scheme.

Giles Clark, Director of Big Cats and Conservation said, “We are over the moon to have the support of the Firmin Group. It is only with support like this that we are able to do the work we do and contribute to global conservation projects to help save some of the world’s most endangered cats from extinction. We couldn’t be happier and our thanks go out to the Firmin team.”

About the charity:

The Big Cat Sanctuary is a centre for wild cats whose objectives are welfare, breeding, education and conservation. The sanctuary is home to approximately 50 cats and 14 different species. These include lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, snow leopards, cheetah and many more.

The initiatives undertaken are a vital part in saving some of the most endangered and iconic species on the planet from extinction. There are various projects which include co-ordinated breeding, contributions to front-line conservation strategies and the welfare of the sanctuary’s resident cats, who are not only ambassadors of their wild cousins but also play a pivotal role in securing a future for all wildlife and our natural world. The sanctuary is also very proud to have made over £50k in donations in 2018 to conservation partners around the globe to actively support pioneering conservation strategies.

The sanctuary offers personal big cat experiences including overnight stays, big cat encounters, photography, ranger days and adoptions as well as conservation events throughout the year.

We are open all year by private appointment for experiences and we also hold annual open days once a year when we welcome families to the sanctuary to see the cats and give an insight into our conservation work.