Driver CPC courses designed to enhance your knowledge & skills and help you stay qualified.

Our courses are delivered by our DSA approved Driver Trainer in our training suite at our depot in Sittingbourne.  The training is JAUPT approved and RTITB accredited so you can be assured of the highest standards.

Each 7 hour module is just £68 (plus VAT) per person, which includes the CPC upload fee and a PDF certificate.

If you would like any further information, check availability or to book any of these courses, please contact Lindsey on 07515 330685 or email

We can deliver courses in 3.5 hour or 7 hour modules which can be tailored to meet your requirements. We can also deliver training at your premises. Please contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can support your CPC training.

Below are the open courses that are scheduled for 2019. 

Health & Safety | Emergency Actions (7 hours)

Course Dates

Sunday 14th April 2019, 0545 – 1400

Saturday 17th August 2019, 0545 – 1400

Health & Safety
General health & safety and site safety
Assessing the risk
Safe working on vehicles
Slow moving vehicles
Safety in coupling and uncoupling
Safe working on the road
Noise pollution
Loading bays and ramps
Emergency Actions
What’s the risk?
Vehicle inspections and vehicle awareness
Bridge strikes
Vehicle collisions
Tyre safety
Emergency manoeuvring
Vehicle security
Physical and verbal confrontation

Professional Driving | On the Road (7 hours)

Course Dates

Saturday 3rd August 2019, 0545 – 1400

Professional Driving
Urban driving
Route planning
Driving in challenging weather conditions
On the Road
The effects of road predictability
Behaviour and driving
Driving distractions
Risk taking driver behaviours
The effects of anger on driving

Haulage Operations & Enforcement | Vehicle Systems (7 hours)

Course Dates

Saturday 16th March 2019, 0545 – 1400

Sunday 21st July 2019, 0545 – 1400

Haulage Operations
The tractor unit – an overview
Gearbox types
Braking systems
Coupling systems

Vehicle Systems
Company policies
Vehicle maintenance
Traffic incident reporting
Inspections and prohibitions

Load Safety | Safe & Economic Driving (7 hours)

Course Dates

Sunday 19th May 2019, 0545 – 1400

Saturday 7th September 2019. 0545 – 1400

Load Safety
Load safety regulations
Principles of safe loading
Load distribution
Load securing systems
Load awareness

Safe & Economic Driving
Why drive economically
Planning for efficiency
Driving style
Torque and engine power
Fuel consumption and efficiency

Drivers Hours | Analogue & Digital Tachographs (7 hours)

Course Dates

Saturday 22nd June 2019, 0545 – 1400

Drivers Hours
Drivers hours regulations
Driving limits and breaks
Rest periods
Working Time Directive
GB and NI rules
Driving under mixed rules
Record keeping
Analogue & Digital Tachographs
Tachograph regulations, enforcement and exemptions
Introduction to the analogue vehicle unit and the digital vehicle unit
Analogue tachographs usage and tachograph charts
Analogue tachographs – manual entries
Digital tachographs – data recording and operation; logging in/out and manual entries; faults and errors
Mixed tachographs usage