30 .Jan . 2017

Firmin are excited to welcome the Pop Up Business School to its Kemsley depot.

Over the next two weeks, the PopUp workshop will be using the Firmin training school as a venue to host an intensive workshop which is designed to help budding entrepreneurs set-up their businesses.

It doesn’t matter if it’s baking cakes, flying drones, making crafts, supporting the community or writing blogs; experts will be on hand to show people how to make money doing it!

These workshops are jam-packed with pure knowledge, skills and coaching to help our future business owners get to where they want to be.  During the workshop the trainers will help to get these exciting new businesses started – for free! They will help them build great looking websites; make money online and gain confidence and develop networking skills.

Firmin are proud to be associated with this fantastic initiative and support local people in getting their new business ventures on the road.