Bulletin #1 – Engine Idling

Excessive idling of engines is a waste of fuel and money. It also results in unnecessary environmental and health impacts and poor air quality. As a Company we are committed to doing our part in reducing emissions. 

Small changes can make a BIG difference.

Each and every one of us can contribute by making small but effective changes by not leaving the engine running unnecessarily. If you anticipate being stationary for more than one minute, switch off your engine when you stop. Here are a few ‘myth busters’ that you mind find interesting:

#1 – Starting an engine causes more pollution than idling.

No. Turning off an engine and restarting it after a minute or longer causes less pollution than keeping the engine idling and uses less fuel.

#2 – The engine needs to stay on to keep the battery fully charged.
No. Modern batteries need less engine running time.

#3 – It is better to idle the vehicle as turning the engine off and on wears it out

No. Ignitions in modern vehicles have eliminated this problem. Idling dirties the engine with incomplete combustion increasing wear and tear. Maintaining your vehicle is important for preventing breakdowns and reducing pollution.

#4 – Catalytic converters need to be hot to work properly.

Yes, but an idling engine does not keep a catalytic converter warm. They retain their heat for about 25 minutes after an engine is switched off.