We are pleased to support a Kent charity established to tackle inequalities in anaesthesia services around the world.

Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide (SAWW) has supplied anaesthesia equipment, training, and research to prevent suffering and help save lives in remote and challenging locations since it was founded in 2011.

SAWW is the latest charity to benefit from the Firmin Pallet Pledge Scheme, which makes a 10p donation for every pallet put into our haulage network, with charities nominated by our staff. The scheme, which is linked to the success of our overnight palletised distribution business, has made it possible for us to donate more than £500 to the charity.

Paul Firmin, Chairman of Alan Firmin, said: “The forward-thinking work done by SAWW, founded by local retired consultant anaesthetist, Dr Roger Eltringham, has helped save thousands of lives by providing portable anaesthesia equipment and training. At a time when there are communities crying out for medical support around the world, we are only too happy to support this important project.”

The Marden-based charity has a decade of success in helping people in the poorest and most isolated parts of the world where anaesthesia services are either inadequate or non-existent.

Dr Roger Eltringham added: “Billions of people in poor countries do not have access to safe, timely and affordable surgical care which is crucial for life-saving surgery. This donation supports our work to provide appropriate medical equipment which is suitable for use in hospitals with few resources and we are grateful to the whole team at Alan Firmin for supporting our work.”

The charity has developed an anaesthetic machine, invented by Dr Eltringham, which can work even if supplies of oxygen and electricity fail. It is used in more than 70 countries worldwide and has enabled elective and emergency surgery to be performed in the poorest and most isolated hospitals where this has previously been impossible.