We own a varied property portfolio featuring starter units, offices, industrial units and warehousing with unit sizes ranging from 25 – 7,500 square metres.  Our commercial property sites are located in Kent at Linton, Marden and Snodland.

We promise the highest standards of property maintenance with a programme of regular refreshment and refurbishment of facilities. We incorporate landscaping, tree planting and bunds wherever possible to minimise the environmental impact of our business operations.

If you are seeking new or additional commercial property facilities and would like to discuss what we can offer, please contact Michael Firmin –


The company owns over 1,100 acres of farmland in the Weald of Kent

The majority of this land is rented out to neighbouring farmers

The top fruit orchards consist of Bramley, Cox, Russet and Braeburn apples, and conference pears. New varieties recently planted are Reubens and Cameo.

Main crops grown on the arable ground are wheat, barley, oil seed rape and winter beans

The strawberry sites consist of intensive “table top” systems, under tunnels

The grassland is used for cattle and sheep grazing, and hay cropping

Grassland next to the River Beult (SSSI) is managed with the aid of a grant via the countryside stewardship scheme. This is done on a low input regime, to help protect the area’s unique clay river valley environment

Our farm woodlands are managed and maintained to retain value, and a small scale felling and replanting programme is in operation

The whole farm is registered under the government’s Entry Level Stewardship Scheme (ELS) which allows a number of options for managing the land in an environmentally sensitive way

Cottage Rentals

Our residential units are continually being refurbished and improved to enable us to attract high quality tenants. The portfolio includes over 30 cottages and houses in the Weald of Kent; many of them let out on short-term leases.
If you are looking for a cottage or house to rent and would like to discuss availability please contact Ashton Burkinshaw our letting agents or Tel. 01622 693773 or email our Property Manager on